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Investor Opportunities

Invest in the Future of Aerial Logistics with Grasshopper Air Mobility

​Advanced Aerial Mobility Market

The Advanced Aerial Mobility (AAM) market, projected to reach $70 billion by 2032, promises exponential growth opportunities for innovative passenger and cargo solutions during the 2030s when regulations are expected to open up markets around the globe.
Grasshopper Air Mobility sets out to capture a share of the cargo AAM market, projected to reach $500 billion around 2040, where we specialize in the mid-mile industrial cargo niche.

AAM market size

Total AAM ($B)

Cargo AAM ($B)

The cargo segment focuses on solving today's logistical challenges rather than speculative future demands as seen in the passenger-focused VTOL sector. Furthermore, Certification for cargo drones is less complex and costly, allowing us to engage with customers directly to provide tangible, immediate benefits.

Competitive Edge to Heavy Cargo Drones

Where many are still exploring basic drone delivery, Grasshopper moves ahead and introduces a suite of differentiated features that set our service apart:

  1. Only fully Electric Mid-Mile Heavy-Cargo solution

  2. Only Autonomous Dual Mobility solution

  3. Only Autonomous Operations solution

  4. Various Payloads and Sizes

  5. Comprehensive Logistics Integration

  6. Client-Centric Customization

Opening Markets & Rapid Scalability

Our approach is globally oriented, with a keen focus on regions that are leading the way in AAM adoption. Grasshopper aims to align with international markets that are actively developing AAM regulations and infrastructure, positioning us at the forefront of the industry’s expansion.

Our choice of fully electric operation further supports our strategy to rapidly scale across various regions, enhancing our market penetration and impact. While we acknowledge the sustainability aspects of hybrid hydrogen or bio-fuel solutions, they are highly limited in scalability due to the complexity in their infrastructure requirements.

The Time for Sustainability & Autonomy Is Now

The global push towards more sustainable and autonomous transportation solutions plays into our strategy. As industries and governments seek to reduce emissions and optimize logistics operations, Grasshopper’s solutions are well-timed to meet these evolving demands.

Our commitment to the UN Sustainable Developments Goals is rooted in our deep beliefs that we as humans need to change our ways to tackle climate change. We want to play our part with our innovative solutions, while it is also providing us with a competitive edge in both marketability and operational efficiency.

The content of this publication has not been approved by the United Nations and does not reflect the views of the United Nations or its officials or Member States.

Partnerships for Accelerated Growth

Grasshopper is building partnerships with key players in the aerospace and logistics sectors. These partnerships enable accessing state-of-the-art technology, navigating regulatory landscapes, and expanding our capabilities, ensuring that Grasshopper leapfrogs to the cutting edge of the AAM industry.

Immediate Revenue & Long-Term Vision

Still early-stage, Grasshopper is planning for a funding round in Q3 2024. Our business model contains immediate revenue streams through consultancy and customized drone solutions, laying the groundwork for our long-term vision, a fully autonomous delivery service in a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Our Strength Lies in Our Team

At Grasshopper Air Mobility, we are proud of our team that combines decades of expertise in aerospace, logistics, and technology innovation. Our founders and key team members bring a dynamic mix of experience from leading global tech and aerospace firms, ensuring that every strategic decision is informed by industry-best practices and forward-thinking creativity.

Invest Today

We’re eager to engage with potential investors who are as excited about transforming the aerial mobility landscape as we are.
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