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Our Services

At Grasshopper Air Mobility, we are your dedicated partners in implementing autonomous aerial logistics within your organization.
While we are developing our own Grasshopper models, our services for you range from Logistics Consulting & Custom Drone Development to our Grasshopper Drone Deliveries.

Aerial Logistics Implementation

Discover next-level efficiency and sustainability in your logistics operations with our Aerial Logistics expertise. Our analysis pinpoints crucial enhancements that reduce costs and environmental impact and provides you with a comprehensive roadmap for the implementation of autonomous aerial logistics.

We evaluate your current logistics and supply chain setup to identify areas where advanced aerial solutions will enhance efficiency & sustainability.

Logistics Needs Analysis


We provide a detailed plan to integrate advanced  aerial logistics solutions, tailored to your operational needs & the evolving regulatory landscape.



Don’t miss out on enhancing your delivery speed and reducing your operational costs.
Begin your transformation today!

Custom Cargo Drone Solution

Step right into the future of cargo transportation with a heavy cargo drone solution crafted just for you, tailored to a specific payload, range or other mission requirements.

From initial design to final certification, we are developing a drone solution to solve your specific logistics challenges. 

Out-Of-The-Box is not always optimal. We develop a tailored cargo drone solution and design for the specific needs of your supply chain and logistics challenges

Drone Solution


We build the vehicle from ground up in various stages and in close collaboration with you to ensure the solution configuration meets all requirements.


& Production


We take care of the certification process of the drone solution with the respective authorities of the countries/regions where it will be operated.


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Streamline your supply chain and stay ahead of industry curves with our innovative aerial solutions.
Book now to equip your logistics landscape with precision-engineered aerial vehicles.

Aerial Delivery Service

Whether opting for our standard drone fleet or a custom configuration, gain access to state-of-the-art aerial vehicles, a comprehensive droneport network, and our integrated logistics application.
Depending on your region, we aim to launch our delivery services between 2027-2030.

Access the cargo drone fleet for your supply chain, either our out-of-the-box solution or customized to meet the specific needs
of your organization.

Drone Fleet


Although our operations are autonomous, our team of expert remote pilots is available to oversee and ensure optimal mission success.


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Integration into our
droneport network to ensure efficient handling and turnaround for your logistics needs.



Managing all necessary coordination with air traffic control and urban traffic management systems to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Airspace and UTM Integration

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Seamless integration of our software application
into your existing logistics systems to manage and optimize routes, cargo, and network load.



 Comprehensive maintenance solutions
and timely upgrades
to keep the fleet
at peak performance.

& Upgrades


Reserve your spot to be a front-runner of the autonomous aerial delivery innovation race.
Join the waitlist for our Delivery Service NOW! 

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