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We are building Autonomous Air Bridges for Logistics Operations

From autonomous loading inside one location
to the autonomous unloading at the destination.

We connect warehouses, factories, ports, airports & much more.

Our driving capability transforms aerial logistics into an end-to-end solution.
Fully Autonomous Operations, no human interaction needed!

Our Mission

  1. Fully Autonomize Aerial Logistics

  2. Zero Latency Supply Chain Efficiency

  3. Zero Emissions & Circular Economy Logistics

Devoted To Your Success

Our integrated operations solution gives you speed, flexibility, reliability, efficiency and sustainability.
In other words: We save you cost and time & we protect the environment!

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Regional On-Demand Services

Break barriers with our adaptable, on-demand aerial delivery services, designed for businesses of all sizes.
Plan ahead or schedule for right now!

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Just-in-Time Efficiency

Ensure timely delivery of components and materials with our reliable, autonomous logistics platform, optimizing your manufacturing and supply chain operations.

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Sustainable Integration

Embrace greener logistics with our fully electric, autonomous delivery solution, significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

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Strategic Supply Chain Resilience

Build a more robust and flexible supply chain capable of adapting to disruptions, with Grasshopper's reliable aerial logistics solutions.

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Extending Intralogistics

Reimagine aerial logistics by integrating it with your intralogistics processes. No time-consuming repacking or inconvenient loading processes. It all happens at the handover location.

Complete Data Traceability

Always know where your cargo is, when it will be delivered to the destination, or its temperature, through real-time monitoring of all relevant metrics.  

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